Ingrid Burke is convinced her mother has made a horrible mistake sending her to a hardcore wilderness camp for at-risk youth. But as the tragic memories flood back in and Ingrid faces the music, she will learn that the camp is more of a perfect fit than she would like to admit…Hilarious and heartbreaking Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined, is The Breakfast Club meets Wild with elements of Ladybird.

Written and Created by Dana Brawer
YEAR: 2085

Aya, a computer genius and daughter of a powerful State Member believes in SOLIS, a massive behemoth that exists below Earth’s surface containing its remaining survivors. But when a dangerous series of events leads her to the four members of the underground Hive, Aya learns they are not what she previously had thought. The government has been manipulating the truth and hiding a deep secret: The Hive is simply seeking to uncover the truth. Aya joins The Hive, putting her government training to use as the five rebels use hacking, programming, chemistry and pure will power to fight for what’s right.


Written by Linda A. Palmieri, Carin Moffat and Dharini Woollcombe

Ambrosia is in deep danger of becoming extinct from her own life. The demands of being an end of life nurse, a single mom of a self absorbed daughter, and caring for her judgemental father; have left Ambrosia a husk of her former self. Will a chance encounter with an enchanting elderly former prima ballerina offer the opportunity for Ambrosia to awaken from the drudgery of her life? Will she embrace this moment or continue to fade away in her lonely life.

“A beautiful and original story, with a distinct visual style all its own, moving and gentle in its touch.”

– CaribbeanTales International Film Festival